Thursday, December 31, 2009

HillyWood New Moon Parody will hit in just a few days!

HillyWood has released this picture of their upcoming New Moon Parody, due out in just a few days

December 30th, 2009 at 7:17 pm | Posted by The Hillywood Show
Here’s something to help the wait for The Hillywood Show’s™ ‘New Moon’ Parody a little less harder!
Now, you’ve got the first picture of two principal actors from the parody, Hilly Hindi & Kyle Dayton courtesy of Once in Every Life Photography.  Look for the premier of The Hillywood Show’s™ ‘New Moon’ Parody on the internet only a few days after New Years!  It will be here before you know it!
Dish out your comments and keep checking back on during the week for even more ‘New Moon’ Parody goodies!

Twilight becomes one of the most searched topics in 2009

As we close out 2009 today, Yahoo and millions of other search engines and news outlets are putting out their year in review articles, and we all know Twilight is sure to be on many lists. Last night on VHI, 2009 Year in Review, Twilight made the list as being one of the biggest phenoms of the year, as well as bringing back the sexiness of vampires

Yahoo today posted that Twilight was the #2 most searched topic in 2009, right behind Michael Jackson.

2. The Twilight Saga

With every "Twilight" book, DVD, and soundtrack release, and every cast appearance at malls across America, mass swooning from "Twilighters" erupted online.
The brainchild of a Mormon housewife, the series centers on high schooler Bella Swan, whose romance with vampire Edward unfolds over four books, each patterned after a literary classic ("Pride and Prejudice," "Wuthering Heights," "Romeo and Juliet," "A Midsummer Night's Dream").
Relative unknowns Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart broke out big as the 2008 film leads. This year's record-making sequel "New Moon" introduced new blood: Buffed-up Taylor Lautner as a teen werewolf vying for Bella's affections and dividing (most female) fans into opposing camps supporting Team Edward or Team Jacob. —VC
 new Pictures, Images and Photos

Of course we also topped out as the #4 highest grossing movie of the year

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

100 Monkeys and Jackson Rathbone in Dallas 2010

As of yet, there are already 2 dates for 100 Monkeys concerts in Dallas for 2010-- this will matter little to many of you who are not in Dallas, but for my local ladies, here is the information
Next week, Jan 5th 2010, 100 Monkeys will be at the Loft. Ticketmaster has tickets for $16. 
However, the 100 Monkeys Site lists tickets at $13 in advance, $15 at the door, so you might want to call
JANUARY 5, 2010 7:30P The Loft
All Ages
1135 South Lamar Street
Dallas, TX 75215
$15 DOOR

They'll also be in the Austin, Houston, McAllen, San Antonio and Tulsa area's if you want to catch them there in the next few weeks for their Post Christmas Tour
  • Warehouse Live Studio, 21+ show- Houston, TX on January 6th
  • Waterloo Records, All Ages- Austin, TX on January 7th
  • Las Palmas Event Center, 21+ show- McAllen, TX on January 8th
  • The White Rabbit, 18+ show- San Antonio, TX on January 9th
  • Cains Ballroon, All Ages- Tulsa, OK on January 11th

They'll also play a Spencer Bell Legacy Concert in Dallas April 24th

  • Spencer Bell Legacy Concert, under 18 must be accompanied by parent- Dallas, TX on April 24th, 12:30 P.M. show
  • Spencer Bell Legacy Concert, 18+- Dallas, TX on April 24th, 7:00 P.M. show

These tickets are pricier at $30

Monday, December 28, 2009

Jackon Rathbone's parents on Midland News

So cute! I'm an obvious Jasper fan, but even bigger Jackson fan so it's awesome to see Papa MJRV and Mama Rathbone talking about Jackson's rise to fame

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Hot Topic New Moon Wolf Sweatshirt... with ears!

I have to admit this is hella cute from Hot Topic


Wolf Ears AND a Wolf Girl quote? Almost makes me want to jump teams. Yeah, no it didn't, but it's still cute

Who knew Taylor was Team Edward

You know why I can't work with her.  But you know, if those abs were real, that guy deserves an Oscar

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Oscar buzz for Kristen in Yellow Handkerchief

REALLY not sure this is Oscar worthy. REALLY unsure after hearing the accent. My love for Kristen has been obvious and documented in the past few weeks, but unlike Bella's line in New Moon (yes the book), love did not make me irrational in this case. I think it will probably be done well but I don't see the Oscar. Looks like Jessica Stanley will score a Oscar before Ms. Bella

Boom Boom Pow

Parodies are stepping out on the town in force as they scramble to make the biggest viral hit post New Moon premiere. I can't listen to the Black Eyed Peas the same, ever again

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Taylor lands huge leading role in Action Movie Max Steel

Nikke Finke confirms that Taylor has awesomely won the starring role in the upcoming movie Max Steel, an action movie based on a Mattel Character. These movies have been a pretty popular commodity lately (next to Twilight of course), so this movie (series???) has huge potential to skyrocket Taylor from WolfBoy to Leading Man. Looks like a lot of trust for a movie company to base around a 17 year old young man. They MUST be banking on his already built in fanbase with fangirls. Will we see a crossover hit between fangirls and fanboys? Will there be marriages, in which fanboys actually get girlfriends, take showers, stop playing video games and discover the wide world of dating? WILL THIS CHANGE GEEKDOM FOREVER? Let's hope so, cause those fanboys could use a shower.

Paramount has confirmed to me exclusively that it’s hired 8-pack-abs Taylor Lautner for the lead in Max Steel, instantly creating perhaps the next young big action star.
This is the Joe Roth-produced project based on the hugely successful Mattel property that’s an international bestseller. The movie will receive a major push planned as Mattel raises its stateside presence with the Paramount release. I’m told Max Steel will be a four-quadrant popcorn movie in the spirit of Iron Man about a 19-year-old extreme sports junkie recruited by a secret agency after an accident infects his body, leaving him with superhuman powers.

 I'm guessing the Abs of Steel didn't hurt Taylor's chances with winning this role either, but I"m hoping his acting skills in New Moon wowed some naysayers out there as well

Editors note-- I am a Star Wars superfan although not as much as Twilight. I say and speak of fanboys because I know them and I love them. This is not a Twihard vs Trekkie smackdown. It's a love hug between all of fan nerds out there, regardless of gender. Just have to poke fun sometimes. It will all be ok

Peter COULD be baking cookies, but he just stands around instead.

Peter and Jennie talk Christmas, and Peter's lack of participation in cookie making as he apparently just stands around while the family whips up Christmas.  Here.   So Freaking Cute. I love her snark

Friday, December 4, 2009

Speak up Mr Cullen!!

Well now this just makes me want to laugh so hard I could cry. If you've read New Moon in 15 Mins by Cleolinda, you'll remember clearly Mr Beaty asking Mr Cullen to speak up-- you know fangirls will be downloading Edward reciting Romeo and Juliet to use as ringtones.

Ask and ye shall receive

More here at Twifans for New Moon Ringtones

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Super Sweet like Dracula and My Hair's Spectacula

Yeah, you have to see this. You just have to. Take the next 5 mins of your life, hit pause on the Tivo, put down your cell phone and just watch this Twilight Rap. For nothing else, other than everyone else will be talking about how if Edward really loved Bella in New Moon "he woulda put his fangs in it", and you know you wanna see two guys who are about to get the phone numbers of 200 females at once, setting a new record for ability to pick up large quantities of women by utilizing awareness of Twilight

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

WHOO! New Moon in 15 mins, by Cleolinda

Whoooooottt!! Been waiting on this one for awhile (ok only 2 weeks). If you haven't read Twilight in 15 mins, you must stop reading NOW, and go read it.  It seriously shaped my viewing of the movie, and I can't ever make it to the end without some strong guffaws. Seriously loud, turn the TV on mute type laughs as I read to TheWolfMan... oh Tylers Van of Death gets me every time. To pass the time for the rest of you who have read it, I'll recap some of Cleolinda's funnier moments, including bringing us the word "fursplosion", The "Hot Topic MAUL Tour", playing the fun game "Horrifying the Twilight Noob", and best of all... the linking of Growing Up Cullen. You must read this as well. I"m not kidding when I say, of all the fanfics and commentaries, these two are the ones I quote the absoloute most. Growing Up Cullen makes me laugh so hard I pee myself. It has tons of language. TONS of it. Get over it.

So Cleolinda FINALLY posted New Moon in 15 Mins. Thank Edward. And Jacob. And hot James that died sadly. So without further ado, here it is. READ IT

Monday, November 30, 2009

Songs not on Soundtrack appearing in the movie

This one plays as Bella and Jacob are in the garage/shed. She turns it off and tells Jacob she doesn't really like music anymore

Amadou & Mariam & The Magic Numbers - All I Believe In (Bonus Track)

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Will New Moon End on Top?

Box office numbers, records and grosses just make my head spin. We can land one record, but fall short of another, and Summit releases projections that may or not be accurate (although they usually are) before the weekend even ends. We speculate, wish, pray, and hold our breath as we wait to see exactly where New Moon will land on the "all time grossing" list, as well as the "highest grossing movie of all time". The goal will always be to be the biggest movie of all time, but I"ll settle for biggest of the year, especially given that this is a non summer movie

Summer release movies are "the biggest" typically of any year. Have a movie where you want to rank in millions? Market it towards men and release it between June and July, and watch the money train roll in. Want to release a feel good movie? Release it during Christmas and you'll get a pretty decent take in the end. Want to release an independent fantasy genre love film targeted at females in the middle of November, that breaks all rules about vampire and werewolf mythology, including sparkles? Did I mention that it's a SEQUEL, typically a genre that bombs in opening weekends? Watch it become a blockbuster and find itself in 6th place for the year.
However, there are literally hundreds of movie lists out there that also adjust for inflation, show highest gross for U.S. only, worldwide, added DVD sales, and so on and so on. While Titanic has the highest gross, technically Gone With The Wind, adjusted for inflation, has the highest gross ever. They also have to calculate the type of tickets sold-- Dark Knight sold on many IMAX 3d screens, at roughly $20-25 a ticket. New Moon sells at roughly $8-10 a ticket.
1Transformers: Revenge of the FallenP/DW$402,111,8704,293$108,966,3074,2346/2410/15
2Harry Potter and the Half-Blood PrinceWB$301,873,9984,455$77,835,7274,3257/15-
4The HangoverWB$277,170,2533,545$44,979,3193,2696/5-
5Star TrekPar.$257,730,0194,053$75,204,2893,8495/810/1
6The Twilight Saga: New MoonSum.$230,674,0004,042$142,839,1374,02411/20-

6th place. In 2 weeks, we are one of the highest grossing of all year. We need a mere 27 million to take 5th place. We made 20 million last Wednesday alone, not a standard high grossing day for movies.

Highest midnight gross- check
Highest 24 hour period gross- check
5th highest gross of the year- check
Biggest movie ever? Let's wait and see.

We have a very long way to go. At this point, we aren't even in the top 50 (we'd have to break over $600 million worldwide to even make it on the list for biggest gross ever). There are at least 5 Harry Potter films on that list, and of course Titanic is still #1, at $1,842,879,955. Yeah, almost 2 billion world wide. Seems like I need to go to the theater tonight

Saturday, November 28, 2009

In 8 days. 8 DAYS. Not 147, but 8.

I'm taking time this Thanksgiving weekend to post one topic- New Moon Box Office numbers. In 8 days, we've managed to make $206 Million. It took Twilight 147 days, or roughly 5 months to put up the same numbers. In less than a week, we made the same box office numbers that last year took us 5 months
Friday's box office estimates are in. The Twilight Saga: New Moon moved back into first place, taking in another $17.9M from 4042 locations with a per screen average of $4,429. This increases the film's domestic cumulative total to $206.1M through its first eight days of release. The current worldwide cumulative total is $338.2M. There have been no new international numbers all week so the actual total should be much higher when Summit releases updated figures tomorrow.
We already raked in the best midnight numbers, 24 hour gross take numbers, and largest non summer opening of all time.  So can we take in the largest gross ever?

I loved this post from Independant Film Analysis

What's next? Of course, we'll continue adding to the tally each day both domestically and internationally. But the big question is, what about this weekend? Rival studios have pretty much thrown in the towel and industry experts all agree that nothing will topple Summit Entertainment's The Twilight Saga: New Moon from the box office just yet. Media analysts agree. How will Disney's Old Dogs do battle with the werewolves? Will Warner Bros. Ninja Assassin fight off the vampires? Warner "should peel more than a few young males away from [New Moon's] largely female-driven fan frenzy," writes Carl DiOrio in The Hollywood Reporter. However, DiOrio notes that "many young girls are already heading back to the theater for repeat viewings" of New Moon.

Look for another #1 showing at the box office, with predictions of $60M being about average among analysts. Will they be proven wrong again?

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Fun Easter Eggs and hidden things in New Moon, Updated

Some of these are pure speculation. and honestly, I'd never have caught most of these if my husband, TheWolfMan hadn't pointed them out. What's an Easter Egg you say?
In movies, Easter Eggs are the little secret items/messages that are placed in the settings of the scenes. There were literally TONS of them in Twilight.. When Bella is searching the internet for book stores in Port Angeles, and Little, Brown(the publishers of the series) comes up as one of the results...Some are more obvious than others, while some are really like an inside joke that perhaps the Twilight Book lovers will understand, but the Twilight Movie watchers wouldn't get (until they finally break down and READ the books)...

One of my fave little easter eggs in Twilight is when she searches ""Cold Ones" and Quileute legends, the actual site she clicks is "freezerstorage.ds"

FREEZER STORAGE for a link about cold ones? hilarious!!!

My dh caught the Burger King and also pointed out that Jacob is EATING it, and has a burger in his hand

Did anyone catch Jared  passing Embry $5? If you stare at Paul like I do, you'll miss it, but if you look behind them, he hands over his portion of the bet to Embry

My husband also swears that when Dr Fang (his words) puts the gauze in a bowl to burn it, it's shaped like an abstract heart. I call BS on this one, but I'll post it in case

Sam's tattoo is more faded than the other guys (which I thought was super attention to detail as he has been a wolf longer)

ust cool to see the ground shakes when the wolves run as it's supposed to

Charlie saying AGAIN to Bella as he did in Twilight, in the same voice and everything, after she says "Be careful" and he goes "always am"

Not an official easter egg, but Tyler is missing in this movie

They got the name of the bar in Port Angeles, One Eyed Petes, correct

There is a Quileute Butterfly on the fridge at Emily's

Jessica says really quickly during Port Angeles "I mean I've got things going on too, Mike says he just wants to be friends". Never would have caught that the first time

The passage being played on the TV in class by Mr Birdie in the R&J scene is the line Edward actually says to Bella in Volterra in the book. (death that hath sucked the honey of thy breath...)

When Bella and Jake are talking right before the almost kiss and phone call, you can see an apple in the windowsill behind Bella

In the scene with the months post breakup, notice pictures on the wall to the right. They slowly go missing, one by one, till they are all gone

Edward is in Rio De Janiero when he calls to talk to Charlie (this is correct and confirmed in the books)

You should probably have already seen this from still shots, but a Quileute wolf hangs off of the dream catcher

Edward never ever changes his clothes after leaving Bella. This was put in the Illustrated Companion, but when he goes to the Volturi, it's the same clothes he had on months before

Jasper's eyes are golden at the party, then black right before he attacks Bella. Um, it doesn't work that way

A movie poster for "love spelled backwards is love" is at the theater

A movie poster for "Face Punch" is outside as Mike and Jake talk

A movie poster for Gambling, Gods, and LSD is on the wall at the theater.. thats just odd!

The biggest, most unanswered easter egg is Jacob speaking Quileute. Don't believe
google or what the masses tell you, we still DON'T know what he really says

A few things they get wrong

I won't even mention the car. I don't care what the stock color says, its BLACK

Edward's eyes are black in Volterra in the book, yet gold in the movie. This is totally wrong in the movie especially considering the huge bruises going on under his eyes

Jane would never voice what her power is.. she'd never say "pain". It's still creepy

If you know of ANY, please please post them in the comments!!!

One update to add from a commenter. Have to go look for this one!

caninecologne said...
OMFG! You are so awesome for posting this! I love it! Details fascinate me! here's one - during the scene where bella and jacob are walking on the beach in NM, you can see something jumping in the water, maybe it was a whale or something. i didn't notice it the first time i saw the movie, then i read someone's comment on one of the fan blogs - saw NM 2 more times, and yes, you can see something there....

Ryan Seacrest talks with Stephenie Meyer about Breaking Dawn

She's happy with New Moon. He tells her that she's changed the world. She says they ARE TALKING about Breaking Dawn being split into two movies.

"Of course Breaking Dawn is going to be made"

Well if Mike Newton says it's true, then it must be true! Still waiting official statements from Summit, but this is good for now

Monday, November 23, 2009

Timbaland promised us Vampire inspiration: he delivered

Anyone remember Timbaland discussing his new album and how it would be related/inspired by Twilight?
LAS VEGAS — Ever since their careers exploded around last year at this time, it's rare to see "Twilight" stars Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart doing anything other than slaving away on the sets of "New Moon" and the next sequel, "Eclipse." Now, Timbaland wants to give the sexy duo a chance to let their hair down on his next music video — and if anybody can make it happen, it's the Grammy-winning producer and rapper.

"I want certain people in the video," he revealed to us over the weekend at Justin Timberlake's charity concert, talking about "Morning After Dark," the first single off his upcoming album Shock Value 2, and featuring the new artist SoShy. "I want the same characters of 'Twilight,' which I've almost got."
Timbaland has spoken to us before about how Shock Value 2 was influenced by the world of Stephenie Meyer, and that "Morning After Dark" seizes on some of the darker themes in her world. Now he says he's on the verge of getting Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and possibly other "Twilight" stars to appear in the video.
"If I get Bella and Edward, it would be [ideal]," he explained. "I'm gonna give a twist to it, though."
Timbaland's twist would involve embracing the dark side of the vampire world while casting himself and friends in key roles, which he hopes will meld Forks with the aesthetic of Kate Beckinsale's hit vampire series.
"It would be almost, kind of like, 'Underworld,' " he explained. "Kind of like that movie, you won't know what we are. You don't know if we're vampires, but we are something. You know what I'm saying?"
Combining the what-are-they mysteries of the "Underworld" franchise with the romantic drama of "Twilight," Timbaland is convinced that RPattz and KStew could bring his music video the right tone. In his possible story line spun off from "New Moon," Timbaland and SoShy would appear as vampires offering Edward piece of mind as he flees for Italy.
"We would protect her while he goes away from the other dude (Jacob) and the other people (the Cullens)," he said, comparing the plot to developments we'll see in "New Moon" next month. "We was his last hope, he wouldn't want to use us, the whole thing. If [Edward] calls us it would be a big payback — a big price to pay to call my team of people to protect her. It's a whole little story line."
"And I have part two to the single too," Timbaland revealed, saying he'd hope to continue the plot in another video. "So it's like a whole little story line to it."
But for all those Twilighters out there who might be thinking about switching their three-letter exclamations from "OME!" to "WTF?" Timabaland says don't worry  he's a fanpire too.
"I've watched that movie and I watch 'True Blood' a lot  both of the seasons," he explained. "So I'm like, 'Man, this could be real ill,' because nobody's ever done nothing with music that assimilates this. So it will have to be dark.
"It could be a little fun at the same time," he promised Robsten, hoping they'll want to join forces with him. "Still dark, but still fun."

Well this performance last night at the AMA' s is pretty specific. We get wolves, red eyed blonde girls and lots of bats. Not so sure about the bats. Even get dark branches on a gold background ala New Moon

Robert Fure's super cool fanboy review of New Moon

My friend Shannon sent me this review today of Twilight/New Moon. To be fair, it's neither, but more an assessment of why fanboys should be understanding of fangirls and just slightly less hypocritical. Robert Fure writes the Boiling Point blog at FilmSchoolRejects. Be aware of some language, but this is worth the read. Makes me want to send it to every hating Trekkie fan

If you’re a regular reader of the site, you’ve probably clicked into this article hoping to hear me tear Twilight a new asshole.  If you’re a visiting “Twihard,” you’ve most likely come bearing fangs ready to tear out my throat over bashing your sweet Edward love child.  So sorry to disappoint you both.  See, this article isn’t about Twilight per say.  It’s about the phenomena around it.  And not the one you’re thinking.  Not the whole “how can anyone like something so much” or the “how much can tweens spend on movies” or whatever else.  No, this is about the system of “cool” movie sites fighting the Twilight wave and then turning on each other.
There are a couple ways sites cover Twilight. Most of them take the “we’re reluctantly covering this” route or the “can you believe this shit” pathway.  Then there are the uber cool sites and pretentious authors who “refuse to cover that movie because they’re not hit whores.”  I guess they’re not entertainment writers, either, because how do you ignore the $140 million elephant in the room?  Friends, I come here not to bury this franchise, nor to praise it, but to remind you we’re all in the same boat together.  It just so happens that their boat is painted black and sparkles in the sunlight while your boat is a yellow smiley face with a blood trickle or a mock-up of the Millennium Falcon.
We’re all nerds here.  We’re all fanboys and fangirls.  Why should we hate each other?  It’s a form of self-hatred, or at best, hypocrisy.  Think about it, gentlemen.  You’ve all been picked apart for something you, and your group, loved.  It sucks.  Sure you’re man enough to push someone around now, but remember being pushed?  Who isn’t a Star Wars fan? Plenty of people!  Remember how you went opening weekend to see The Phantom Menace you nerd?  Hey Trekkie, how about that worn out, too tight officers shirt you still wear out on public?  Yes, people are laughing at you.  Comic book nerds, scifi geeks, horror hounds, you’re all outcasts in one way or another and you just want people to understand you like what you like.  Well, welcome to the Twilight party, asshats.
I’ll be honest – I haven’t seen Twilight. Maybe it is the massive piece of shit people say it is.  Maybe its not.  One day I’ll put that Netflix disc in my player and find out.  But I’m not going to get upset about it.  I don’t think it ruined Comic-Con and I don’t care how much money it makes.  Why should I?  There is a huge group of people out there who find joy in it – who are you to spit on that?  Probably fat and bearded and full of inner shame.  Hey man, you cast the first stone.
So I say fuck it.  Who cares?  You run a movie review site, it’s your job to cover this movie.  You think reporting on it is “hit whoring?”  Number one, you’re an idiot.  Refer to the previous point of you being in the field of movie news and Twilight being a movie.  Second the other term for “hit whoring” is “traffic increasing” which translates to a more popular site actually turns a profit.  Fuck, sign me up for that, I’ll wear a God damn Team Jacob shirt if it gets me paid.  Oh, am I sell out?  Pfft.  I’m a realist.  This movie is huge news and by not covering it, you’re just trying to stand out in a field of people who are covering it.  When you say you won’t cover “that movie” all you’re doing is whoring to the people who hate it.  You’re still a hypocrite.
What it comes down to is this – Twilight isn’t hurting anyone.  It’s not hurting you or your site traffic.  So you don’t get it.  You don’t know why people like it.  Those teenage girls, they don’t know why you like Star Wars.Indiana Jones.  They don’t care about super heroes with timepieces – They’re not on board with Watchmen puns are still cool, right?  Twilight is an easy target for most of our readership bases.  We make fun of it because we can without losing any of our readers.  It’s okay to hate this movie.  I mean, hey, you have to be negative about some movies to make people forget that you praised GI Joe after getting back from your all expenses paid set visit and lunch with the cast, right?
You can mount some pathetic excuse about how this makes Hollywood lazy, but it doesn’t.  Hollywood has always been lazy.  When this stops making money, they’ll move on to the next thing.  Love all these comic book movies?  Hollywood is lazy.  They’re catering to you with those and to teenage girls with Twilight. Six of one, half dozen of the other.  Hell, this franchise coming to Comic Con could be a good thing.  Bring in a couple thousand teenage girls, show them their sparkly vampires, then give them a dose of Iron Man, Batman, Spider-Man, Star Wars, Star Trek, Avatar, Aliens, Evil Dead and whatever else shows up and pretty soon us fanboys have a bunch of new fangirls to hang out with.  Wipe the Doritos crumbs from your beard and make a new friend.  Meanwhile, I’ll be watching this Twilight spectacle and every time I see some moron fanboy attack some Twilight fangirl for being a fangirl, I’ll sparkle past my boiling point.

New Moon songs in order of appearance in movie

So there is both a list of just the soundtrack songs as well as the soundtrack mixed with the score. Here you go!

  1. New Moon – Alexandre Desplat.
  2. Bella Dreams – Alexandre Desplat.
  3. Monsters – Hurricane Bells.
  4. Romeo & Juliet – Alexandre Desplat.
  5. Volturi Waltz – Alexandre Desplat.
  6. The Violet Hour – Sea Wolf.
  7. Blood Sample – Alexandre Desplat.
  8. Wandrers Nachitlied II, Op. 96, No. 3, D. 768 – Ulf Bastlein (iTunes bonus track).
  9. Satellite Heart – Anya Marina.
  10. Rosyln – Bon Iver & St. Vincent.
  11. Edward Leaves – Alexandre Desplat.
  12. Possibility – Lykke Li.
  13. I Belong to You (New Moon Remix) – Muse.
  14. Friends – Band of Skulls.
  15. All I Believe (iTunes Bonus Track) – The Magic Numbers & Amadou & Mariam.
  16. Shooting the Moon – Ok Go.
  17. Werewolves – Alexandre Desplat.
  18. Solar Midnite – Lupe Fiasco (iTunes Bonus Track)
  19. I Need You – Alexandre Desplat.
  20. Break Up -Alexandre Desplat.
  21. Memories of Edward – Alexandre Desplat.
  22. Wolves vs. Vampire Alexandre Desplat.
  23. Victoria -Alexandre Desplat.
  24. Almost a Kiss – Alexandre Desplat.
  25. Done All Wrong  – Black Rebel Motorcycle Club.
  26. Hearing Damage – Thom Yorke.
  27. Adrenaline – Alexandre Desplat.
  28. Slow Life (With Victoria Legrand) – Grizzly Bear.
  29. Dreamcatcher – Alexandre Desplat.
  30. To Volterra – Alexandre Desplat.
  31. You’re Alive – Alexandre Desplat.
  32. The Volturi – Alexandre Desplat.
  33. Die Fledermaus – Duettino : Ach, Ich Darf Nicht Hin Zu Dir – APM Orchestra. (iTunes Bonus track)
  34. The Cullens – Alexandre Desplat.
  35. No Sound But the Wind – Editors.
  36. Marry Me, Bella – Alexandre Desplat.
  37. Full Moon – Alexandre Desplat.
  38. A White Demon Love Song – The Killers.
  39. Meet Me on the Equinox – Death Cab for Cutie.

SPOILERS if you are avoiding for some reason and have not seen it yet
  1. New Moon – Alexandre Desplat.  Opening credits
  2. Bella Dreams – Alexandre Desplat. Bella, Gran and Edward in the meadow.
  3. Monsters – Hurricane Bells. Bella driving to school on birthday and Edward walking through school parking lot.
  4. Romeo & Juliet – Alexandre Desplat. Edward and Bella in English class, discussing vampire suicide.
  5. Volturi Waltz – Alexandre Desplat. Edward explaining the Volturi to Bella. Aro kills bad vamp.
  6. The Violet Hour – Sea Wolf. Bella’s birthday party.
  7. Blood Sample – Alexandre Desplat. Paper cut fight between Jasper and Edward.
  8. Wandrers Nachitlied II, Op. 96, No. 3, D. 768 – Ulf Bastlein (iTunes bonus). Carlisle is stitching up Bella
  9. Satellite Heart – Anya Marina. Edward taking Bella home after party in her truck, played on the radio
  10. Rosyln – Bon Iver & St. Vincent. Bella at school without Edward and Edward telling Bella they need to "take a walk"
  11. Edward Leaves – Alexandre Desplat. Edward dumping Bella in the woods.
  12. Possibility – Lykke Li. Months passing for Bella.
  13. I Belong to You (New Moon Remix) – Muse.  Bella and Jessica on Girls Night Out.
  14. Friends – Band of Skulls. Bella on stranger's motorcycle
  15. All I Believe (iTunes Bonus Track) – The Magic Numbers & Amadou & Mariam. Bella and Jake fixing motorcycles. It is the song playing that Bella turns off when she states she no longer likes music
  16. Shooting the Moon – Ok Go. Bella and Jacob fixing motorcycles
  17. Werewolves – Alexandre Desplat. Sam Uley and gang jumping from cliff.
  18. Solar Midnite – Lupe Fiasco (iTunes Bonus Track). The song that is playing in Face Punch the movie.
  19. I Need You – Alexandre Desplat. Jacob talking to Bella as Mike is sick at movie
  20. Break Up -Alexandre Desplat. Bella confronts Jacob at La Push in the rain
  21. Memories of Edward – Alexandre Desplat. Bella going to meadow by herself and finds Laurent.
  22. Wolves vs. Vampire Alexandre Desplat. Laurent and wolf pack
  23. Victoria -Alexandre Desplat. Bella’s fear of Victoria bubbling up while talking to Charlie.
  24. Almost a Kiss – Alexandre Desplat. Jacob in Bella’s bedroom through the window. Shirtless of course
  25. Done All Wrong  – Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. Bella at Emily’s house.
  26. Hearing Damage – Thom Yorke. Charlie & Harry hunting wolves, wolves chasing Victoria, and Bella getting ready to jump. Also the best scene in the entire movie
  27. Adrenaline – Alexandre Desplat. Bella jumping off the cliff.
  28. Slow Life (With Victoria Legrand) – Grizzly Bear. Bella drowning.
  29. Dreamcatcher – Alexandre Desplat. Hugging Jacob in the car outside house and Bella and Jacob in her kitchen.
  30. To Volterra – Alexandre Desplat. Alice and Bella going to Volterra, and Bella running through the town to the clock tower.
  31. You’re Alive – Alexandre Desplat. Bella and Edward reunited under the clock tower.
  32. The Volturi – Alexandre Desplat. Bella, Edward and Alice see the Volturi and get their fight on.
  33. Die Fledermaus – Duettino : Ach, Ich Darf Nicht Hin Zu Dir – APM Orchestra. (iTunes Bonus track) Elevator music on the way to visit the Volturi (”The Volturi track continues to play after they get out of the elevator)
  34. The Cullens – Alexandre Desplat. Bella asks for a vote from the Cullens to join the family.
  35. No Sound But the Wind  Editors. Edward driving Bella home.
  36. Marry Me, Bella – Alexandre Desplat. In the woods, talking to Jacob, Edward and Jacob’s fight, and THE SUPER ENDING OF ALL TIME
  37. Full Moon – Alexandre Desplat. End Credits.
  38. A White Demon Love Song – The Killers. End Credits.
  39. Meet Me on the Equinox – Death Cab for Cutie. End Credits.

Ryan Seacrest breaks possible Breaking Dawn news?

Watch starting at 2:45

Jacob's line in Quileute in New Moon Movie

We are editing this old post to add this tidbit we also posted elsewhere on the site. Dazzled By Twilight featured this audio recording of Quileute phrases, and it SEEMS that the phrase, Kwop Kilatley as is seen in searches on the internet, or more accurately kwopkalawo’li” (pronunced quo-p-kah-lah-WOH-oh-lee), is spoken on this audio recording. He says it 3 times, slowly. It means I love You. 

Quileute audio of Jacob's line in New Moon

Overwhelmingly in the fandom world, the most asked question or talked about topic has been Jacob's line in Quiluete to Bella RIGHT before the phone call from Edward. Taylor commented on this topic before the release, telling us all that he's just not going to reveal the answer.
BEVERLY HILLS, California — As any Twilighter worth their "Spunk Ransom" T-shirt knows, Jacob Black is played in the movies by 17-year-old Taylor Lautner. Jacob is a Native American from the Quileute tribe in La Push, Washington; in real life, Taylor also has some Native American blood running through his veins, courtesy of his Ottawa and Potawatomi tribe ancestry.

In a key scene from this weekend's highly anticipated sequel "New Moon," Jacob leans in to kiss Bella — but before he does, he whispers a Quileute phrase to her. So when we caught up with Jacob recently, we had to ask: What is Taylor saying in that scene?
"I don't want to tell you what I'm saying," he teased, insisting that the line of dialogue is meant to be an Easter egg that only the most hard-core "Twilight" fans will be able to crack. "That would defeat the whole purpose!"
But if fans really want to know Jacob's smooth line before he goes in for a kiss, they'd better hurry. As part of his research, Taylor has spent a good amount of time over the last two years with real-life Quileute tribe elders — and he told us that only that small handful of people would be able to properly translate.
"There is, I believe, only four people left that speak Quileute," Taylor said of the dying language. "We were able to talk to one of them. It was awesome to actually talk to her; she knows the language fluently."
If we really want to know, Taylor joked that we would have to get ourselves a DVD of "New Moon" when it comes out, track down a Quileute elder and hope they're willing to share some tribal secrets. "You might have to, Larry, or I'll just leave and you can just guess," he teased. "What do you think I said when I leaned into Bella right before I try and kiss her in the kitchen? [All I'll say] is 'Blah blah blah blah blah.' "
Obviously, I'm no Melissa Rosenberg when it comes to writing dialogue, but when I guessed that it was a romantic line that had Jacob pledging eternal love to Bella, Taylor said I was on the right track.
"I'll give you one thing: You're close," he said, flashing that trademark bright, white Taycob smile. "You're close. You're along the lines."

Taylor talks about it here in this video

SunnySavanah discussed her views at Twilightmoms
Reading on the Quileute Nation's page for language. I think that the "le" ending is "I'm" or "I am"
You can discuss the topic here at Twilightmoms

Don't bother emailing your closest Quileute representative either because they are keeping hush hush. They posted on their Facebook page:

Jacob’s line in Quileute

Dear Fans: Thank you for all the calls and emails regarding the scene in the movie where Jacob whispers to Bella in Quileute. Please know, we would love to translate the phrase for you, but out of respect for Jacob’s feelings for Bella we are unable to at this time.

If you really want to try and figure it out yourself, here are a few words and phrases
Quileute Words and Phrases: 1st set
1. Havh chi/8 [hah-ch chee-EH] “Good morning”
2. Havh roch9mtiya [hah-ch toe-CHOKE-tee-yuh] “Good afternoon”
3. Havh aw8 [hah-ch uh-WAY] “Good night!”
4. Ayqsocha [uh-YAH-so-CHUH] “How are you?” (-cha, said to a man)
Ayqsochid [uh-YAH-so-CHID] “How are you? (-chid, said to a woman)

Google turns up the answer of: Stay with me forever. But to be honest folks, if the Quileute nation isn't talking, then I really don't think the power of Google has the true answer on this one

Wikipedia says "The words in Quileute were very long and could sometimes express ideas rather than only words."

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Grown women loving Twilight: featured in Washington Post

So my cool highlight of the weekend on top of New Moon is being featured in an article in the Washington Post (also sampled in the New York Times) discussing what it's like for grown women to give into their love/hate with Twilight. It was SUPER cool to get featured after answering a call for adult women to give their stories about how they became obsessed with Twilight. A few things she left out were also how we've been struggling with 2 full years of infertility. On top of that, I work full time with active duty Soldiers returning from war struggling with PTSD. It's just stressful and hard. Twilight, for me, was one of the best escapes I'd had in 2 years. It was one of the happiest things I'd had in those 2 years , that was just perfect and had a happy ending. Infertility for US has still not had a happy ending. Twilight was one of the things my husband and I could bond over that wasn't babies, bills and crappy life struggles. So here you go

They also sampled some of TheWolfMan's idea's about comparing Twi-hards to Sports Addicts

Monica Hesse did the interview for the Washington Post:
We know. You hate "Twilight." You don't want to hear anything more about "Twilight." That's why this is not another story about the "Twilight" or "New Moon" mania, nor will it rhapsodize on the vampire craze, nor does it contain any interviews with Robert Pattinson.
This is a story about shame.
All across the country, there were women who managed to avoid Stephenie Meyer's series about a star-crossed human/vampire teen couple. (Vampire Edward lusts for mortal Bella, but also for her blood; the books are less plot than endless yearning). They resisted the first three books -- refused to read them, didn't know they existed -- and the lunacy that was "Breaking Dawn."
"Twilight" came for the tweens, then for the moms of tweens, then for the co-workers who started wearing those ridiculous Team Jacob shirts, and the resisters said nothing, because they thought "Twilight" could not come for them. They were too literary. They didn't do vampires. They were feminists.
Then something happened: the release of the "Twilight" movie, which last year introduced $384 million worth of audience members to Kristen Stewart as mortal Bella and Pattinson as lust incarnate.
"Prior to 'Twilight,' my favorite books were by Anthony Burgess" and Ayn Rand, says Jenny West, 32, who had never heard of the series until she saw ads for the movie last year. "I bought 'Twilight' [the book] with the full intention of ripping it apart." Then she read it. In one night. Bought "New Moon" the next day. "I was kind of horrified with myself, and I had to keep going." When she finished the last book, she reopened the first one and started again.
She founded the blog Twitarded, to process what had happened to her. She and co-Twitard Debbie Connelly were last spotted soliciting donations to win a charity benefit date with Peter Facinelli, the actor who plays Edward's dad.
Beware the dark side

People, be warned. "New Moon," the "Twilight" movie sequel, opens on Friday. Everyone is vulnerable.
One minute you're a functioning member of society, the next you're succumbing to the dark side, wondering how deep you're willing to go -- and what that longing says about you.
In "Twilight," Edward Cullen waffled between wooing and eating new girl Bella Swan. He chose love. In "New Moon," the darkest installment of the series, Edward becomes convinced that his girlfriend would be safer without him, so he dumps her in order to protect her and then vanishes. Bella, catatonic from the pain, finds solace in Jacob Black, the devoted friend who has just learned he is a werewolf, and their relationship grows deeper, and this description is utterly, utterly useless because none of it gets at what the "Twilight" series is actually about, which is being 17.
It's a time capsule to the breathless period when the world could literally end depending on whether your lab partner touched your hand, when every conversation was so agonizing and so thrilling (and the border between the two emotions was so thin), and your heart was bigger and more delicate than it is now, and everything was just so much more.
"I noticed in that first week of reading that I was feeling things I hadn't been able to feel in a long time," says Lauren Ashlock, 27. She'd avoided the "Twilight" series ever since the 2005 release of the first book, because when she saw the passion of so-called TwiHards, she thought, Wackos.

She relented last year only because she wanted to be an informed hater. She snuck the books into her house, at first reading them in the bathroom so her husband wouldn't laugh. The floodgates opened. "I'd locked away a lot of emotions," she says. "I'd numbed out." It had been a terrible year, with unrelenting job stress, and yet suddenly she was feeling alive again.
The behavior that followed will make perfect sense to someone who has read "Twilight" and seem bat-crazy to anyone who hasn't: Ashlock got three dogs and named them after "New Moon's" werewolf pack. She and her husband traveled to Forks, the two-bit town in Washington state where Bella and Edward fictionally live. When the Ashlocks have a child, they will name it from the novels: "If it's a girl her middle name will be Renesmee, and I don't care if you hate the name because I love it."
The people who have not read "Twilight" do not get it. Worse, they think that what happened to Ashlock could not happen to them. They're so smug, talking about how they once read a chapter of "Twilight" in a bookstore and the prose was just awful. Meyer never uses one adjective when she could use three, and most of the time that adjective is a hyphenate combining "dazzling" and "chiseled."
 Click here to read the rest of the interview

This is what made it into the New York Times
In The Washington Post on Thursday, Monica Hesse reports on a previously unidentified group whose numbers appear to be growing: women who thought that they were above the “Twilight” phenomenon, only to find themselves getting sucked in by the Stephenie Meyer novels and their film adaptations.
As Ms. Hesse writes:
“Twilight” came for the tweens, then for the moms of tweens, then for the co-workers who started wearing those ridiculous Team Jacob shirts, and the resisters said nothing, because they thought “Twilight” could not come for them. They were too literary. They didn’t do vampires. They were feminists.
Then something happened: the release of the “Twilight” movie, which last year introduced $384 million worth of audience members to Kristen Stewart as mortal Bella and [Robert] Pattinson as lust incarnate.

Among the late “Twilight” converts that Ms. Hesse encounters is Jenny West, a 32-year-old fan of Anthony Burgess and Ayn Rand, who says she bought the book “Twilight” “with the full intention of ripping it apart.” She read it in one night, bought “New Moon” the next day, and read that in a night. “I was kind of horrified with myself, and I had to keep going,” she tells The Post.
Then there is 27-year-old Lauren Ashlock, who had managed to avoid the Twilight” craze until she broke down and read the first book last year. (“I’d locked away a lot of emotions,” she says. “I’d numbed out.”) Now she says that when she and her husband have a child, they will give it a name from the “Twilight” novels. “If it’s a girl her middle name will be Renesmee,” Ms. Ashlock tells The Post, “and I don’t care if you hate the name because I love it.”
As the countdown continues to the release of “The Twilight Saga: New Moon,” will you admit to being a closet (or open) “Twilight” fan? Are you among the last remaining holdouts who hasn’t yet succumbed to Team Edward or Team Jacob? Post a comment and let us know.

Friday, November 20, 2009

New Moon Tickets Sales

I'll break down the basics of the money train as it pulls into the station. And I"ll just go ahead and get it out of the way. TWILIGHT FANS FREAKING ROCK.

New Moon Pictures, Images and Photos

At this point, New Moon just broke every midnight release record, is selling 10 tickets PER SECOND and is poised to be the biggest opening ever.

NewMoonTheater "The Twilight Saga: New Moon" is poised to break its second box office record in a single day.
According to four people who have closely watched ticket sales data today but requested anonymity because they are not authorized to release the information, the teen vampire phenomenon is all but certain to gross more than $67.2 million, the record set by "The Dark Knight" last year for the biggest single-day take at the box office.
By 5 p.m., the movie had already sold more than $50 million worth of tickets in the U.S. and Canada. When evening shows are included, the total will likely be more than $70 million, the people said.
Given the huge amount of pent-up interest among fans, who are rushing out to theaters on opening day, ticket sales are expected to drop significantly on Saturday and Sunday. Nonetheless, a total weekend gross of more than $110 million is all but certain and more than $120 million is very possible. That would give "New Moon" the biggest weekend gross for any movie this year and make it one of the top five pictures of all time at the domestic box office, not accounting for ticket price inflation.
Ticket sales from the 25 foreign countries where "New Moon" is opening this weekend will almost certainly push the worldwide weekend gross to more than $150 million.
Summit Entertainment, the studio behind the "Twilight" films, will release an official total for Friday ticket sales on Saturday morning.
New moon Pictures, Images and Photos

During the midnight showing alone, we took in almost 8 million more than the previous record holder. AND that record holder included Imax tickets which are severely more expensive than the regular tickets being sold for New Moon, so adjusted, New Moon opened almost 10 million more for Midnight. Twilight, now a year old, didn't do half bad either for a one night showing

Summit’s official estimate for midnight ticket sales is $26.27 million. Its official estimate for the gross of the original “Twilight” last night is $1.3 million.
Reports say The Twilight Saga: New Moon has shattered The Dark Knight’s $18.4M midnight debut for a 3-day weekend. Sources put the total at $23-24M. This would also surpass Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, whose 5-day weekend began with $22.2M on a Tuesday night.

We are blowing Harry Potter's 5 DAY take, in 24 hours

So where are you Summit with your Breaking Dawn Greenlight?

Well "Dear Alice" makes so much more sense now

Nordstroms has a good thing on their hands with this one:

I actually always liked this shirt from Nordstroms, even though I had no idea what it even meant. Till now. I personally love the idea of having more voice over, yet making it in a letter to Alice. They also smartly fit in the "Time passes" quote, yet in an email to Alice, which was genius. Think I'll be buying this one. If I can wear it without crying

New Moon by a guy: New Moon in 5 mins

So I'm getting pressure to put out my review of New Moon and honestly I'm still on a super emotional roller coaster so I decided when TheWolfMan posted HIS review, a take off of Twilight in 15 mins, I'd just post it here. Cause it's pretty damn funny. If you don't want SPOILERS, Dont read yet

New Moon in 15 Minutes by TheWolfMan

Bella: Hi Gran...oh crap...I'm Gran

Edward: Happy Birthday Bella

Bella: ugggh

Charlie: Wake up old woman...Happy Birthday says happy b-day too

Bella: ugggh

JEAM: Happy Birthday bella (JEAM=Jessica, Eric, Angela, Mike)

Bella: Uggggh

Edward: Happy Birthday

Bella: 'Im not into the whole cougar thing

Jacob: Happy birthday bella

Bella: Jacob rocks so he gets to say happy birthday and give me a gift

Edward talks about suicide while watching Romeo and Juliet

Alice: Happy birthday bella, you will love your gift and you will wear it tonight.

Bella: Jasper your mind thing sucks!

Jasper: Happy oh nevermind

Bella: is that Carlisle in that painting thats coming to life?

Edward: pretty much

Alice: We got you gifts...get over it

Bella: Paper Cut Shoot

Jasper: oOo (im gonna eat you...get into my belly)

Bella: Why am i flying through the air...oh its cause Jasper has that you brought a snack look.

Carlisle: He wont change you

Edward: I'm leaving you Babe

Bella: there is a hole in my stomache

Jacob---duh da duh...Here he comes to save the day!!!!!

Bella: Can we build these bikes

Jacob: only if you will fall in love with me

Bella: You're to young

Battle about age points

Bella: Im 35 and your only 32

Jacob: they are done

Bella wrecks because she looking at imaginary edward

Bella: Jacob your kinda beautiful

audience gasps as Jacob takes his shirt off

Pan to movie where mike gets sick and Jacob puts the moves on Bella

Mike: I swear i was already sick before the gory movie

Jacob; well maybe you need to go to the hospital- want me to put you there...what the hell is wrong with me

Bella: why wont you call me back jake

Jacob: Because im a wolf and you dont know...

Bella looks for meadow alone and find Laurent

Bella: dont kill me...what the hell...thats not a bear that a wolf...and there is five...i recognize those eyes

Jacob: Go away and never come back...Im Bad...very very very very bad

Bella what are you dooin gracefully gliding into my room.

Jacob: Figure out what I am damnit

Bella: What did you do to him (i am assuming you're paul that im yelling at)

Paul: Spasm Spasm Spasm look at me I'm a Wolf bear

Bella: Run Jacob he is gonna eat me

Jacob: not on my watch

Its a bird...Its a plane....Its a Jacob Black Fursploding into an even awesomer Wolf Bear

Bella: You're a monster Jacob

Jacob: Sorry I'm not the right kind of monster

Bella: Im okay with you being a dog...dont kill people

Jacob: I only kill vampires...and they are not people

Bella: Ok I love you again

Jacob: damnit Cullens...Why you got to ruin my mojo?

Bella: Sorry Jake I'm going to Italy

Alice: He will see my coming you have to stop him

Bella: Dont edward I'm alive

Edward: Yay im gonna drop my EMO front for two seconds then those volturi are gonna bring it out in me again

Battle at Italy is cool.

Alice...I will change her myself let her live...I've seen it because im cool like that.

Aro: Oh drats...ok Alice i believe you

Edward: I love you

Bella: Ok I love you again

Edward: The dog wants to talk to me

Jacob: Remember you can never change her or I will kill you:

Edward:oO (I know he's right because im EMO like that)

Jacob: Im gonna explode into a wolf and kill you now

Bella: Please don't

Jacob leaves

Edward: Will you marry me?

The End

Monday, November 16, 2009

New Moon Premiere Pictures and Video

I'm going to attempt to sum this up as easily as I can without droning on and on. The live feed-- Ustream, you suck. Anya Marina, you are the biggest idiot on the planet. Can we petition to get you off the New Moon Soundtrack? Thanks.

OK lets just do pics first, and we'll just go ahead and start with the Holy Trinity

Kristen!!!!!!!! Really loving me some Kristen.



Super cool picture of Kristen, Dakota and Joan Jett (remember they filmed the Joan Jett film, The Runaways)


ANNND the night wouldnt be over without posting this


Michael Sheen and his daughter (one of his inspirations to try out for the movie)


 love this group shot


Ok and some video's. This first one is pretty self explanatory. Courtney is a fan who won the ability to be on the red carpet. The hosts pretty much force her into telling Rob her story off the cuff but she pulls it off gracefully

Rob: Something to tell my grandkids

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