Sunday, February 28, 2010

Target out of New Moon Dvd's already!

Sorry folks, no pre-ordering at Target for the New Moon Dvd at this point if you already didn't because they are already OUT!

Not only did I hear this from Twifans around the nation attempting to pre-order in stores, the Target website also says the same thing:

Here is the link if you want to keep checking for when Target get's authorized to purchase even more New Moon DVD's for preorder.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Quileute Brass Wrist Cuff

Not selling at Hot Topic, you can only find this cool Quileute bracelet / cuff at Torrid
I really want this!

By Neca, but I can't even find it listed on their Amazon page, so looks like Ebay and Torrid are the only places to find them. I just saw this selling for $50 on Ebay, and it's only $25 at Torrid

Video of Eclipse filming behind the scenes

I have NOTTT watched this! Eclipse footage virgin at least, so I can't verify this, but apparently this is supposed to be a behind the scenes video. I see rocks, so maybe the fight scene with Vickie and Riley?
Youtube shows it to be 19 seconds

Walmart New Moon Gear- See the New Moon Shirts here (And one hidden Jacob shirt on the website)!

We only have a few weeks left until the DVD release, so I thought you might be interested in seeing all the New Moon gear that Walmart will have to offer. It's typically much cheaper and the truth is that it sells out fast, and they did NOT restock any of it last year. Buy it when you see it

Walmart New Moon Shirts, with links
Shirt 1 looks pretty Hot-Topic-ey to me

The text for Shirt 1

The Back

Shirt 2 is better (No Jacob) but I could do without the New Moon Logo on every shirt

The back is kinda interesting but the Crest Lion is tiny


Notice that it's VERRRRY See through, and we get the Lion again

 Shirt 4 might as well have ripped off a Hot Topic Shirt
Oddly enough on this shirt, when you click to see larger, you get an extra shirt that is not listed on the other Walmart pages, for Jacob. It's listed as a 2nd view of the shirt listed above. Notice the Quileute wolf

Wal-Mart already selling Eclipse shirts!

Well this is interesting. We aren't even getting New Moon merch yet at Walmart, but you can buy an Eclipse shirt now for $9

Interestingly enough, the link that you put into the search bar says "New Moon Movie Shirt and 2 bonus braclets". Wonder what that means! This shirt is actually listed under the other New Moon Shirts

Thursday, February 25, 2010

New Nightmare on Elm Street Trailer- with Kellan Lutz!

I don't think this is as scary as the original, but I'd actually watch this. I like the cast, and of course Kellan is in it

Deleted New Moon Scene- Thanks to the Target DVD

You can tell where it might have picked up in the movie and I understand why it was deleted

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

You can bid to win a chance to have dinner with 100 Monkeys and Jackson Rathbone!

Ok Dallas residents, and anyone else heading to Dallas for the Spencer Bell Legacy concert-- you have 3 different opportunities to bid for a chance for EXTRA, 1 on 1 time with Jackson Rathbone and the rest of the 100 Monkeys! The auctions go to raise money for Adrenal Cancer research, so this is money very well spent ya'll!

  • Interview with the bands – Prior to the afternoon concert, the winner of this auction will be able to enter the venue and privately interview members of all of the attending bands. The interviews will be broadcast on live-streaming internet. This once in a life time opportunity will take place in front of the stage so the winner will be able to watch sound check and be the first person in the venue for the afternoon concert! Winner will be able to bring one friend.
  • Dinner with the bands – The winner of this auction will be able to enter the venue early, or remain in the venue if attending both concerts, between the afternoon and evening concerts. Dinner will be catered to the bands and the winner by Cafe Brazil. The winner will be able to sit and eat and mingle with all the bands attending, as well as watch the soundcheck and set up for the evening concert. The winner will then be able to remain inside as the first attendee for the evening concert, if he or she is attending the show! Winner will be able to bring one friend with them.
  • Meet & Greet with the bands – This auction is limited to 18+ as it will take place during the evening SBL concert. During the concerts, the bands will have access to a private VIP area where they can watch the concert and mingle privately. The winner of this auction will be granted access to the VIP area for a period of time during the concert in order to watch the show from the special balcony and speak with his or her favorite band members! Winner may bring one friend.

Get in on this NOW, because prices are already heading sky high

Here are the rules from the auctions:
1. By bidding on the auctions you accept these terms and conditions. Failure to follow the terms and conditions will result in the forfeiture of your prize or deletion of your bids.

2. Auction will begin February 22nd at 9:00 AM CST. All bidding closes March 5 at 5:00 PM CST.

3. Winners will be notified by email with directions for payment immediately after the close of bidding. Payment will be accepted by check or money order made out to ASCC Now or Paypal.

4. If a winner is unable to make complete payment or arrange for a payment plan within 3 days of the close of the auction, the next highest bidder will be notified and will be required to make payment or arrange a payment plan within 3 days. Payment plan requires for 30% of the final amount to be paid in full immediately and the rest will be mutually agreed upon with payments to finish by April 2, 2010.

5. Winners are required to provide the name of a friend that will be accompanying them for the prize at least 5 days prior to the concerts on April 24, 2010. The winner is responsible for the conduct of that friend. The conduct requirements that apply to the winner will apply to his or her guest. Failure for either winner or guest to follow the rules of conduct will result in immediate termination of the prize and removal from the concerts.

6. Rules of Conduct:
a. Winner and guest must communicate through ASCC Now and its associates only. At no time is winner or guest to contact the bands directly. Any questions are to be directed to ASCC Now.
b. Winner and guest must be at Trees at the time designated by ASCC Now in order to claim their prize. ASCC Now will designate a representative who will escort them into the building and to their prize.
c. For interviews: The winner will be allowed to interview the bands. The guest will not interview the bands but will be present.
d. Pictures: A professional photographer will be provided for candid pictures while the winner receives their prize. Those pictures will be available to the winner a few days after the concert. Due to time constraints and the nature of the prizes, winner and guest may not ask for posed pictures from the bands with their own cameras.
e. Meet and Greet: Winner and guest will be allowed temporary access to a private balcony area where all bands are watching the concert. Winner and guest will not be permitted into the green room. Winner and guest will be given specific times that they are allowed in the private area. Be considerate that family members of the bands may also be in this area. If any person in the VIP area asks for the winner and guest's removal, that request will be honored.
f. These rules of conduct require that the winner and guest present themselves in a manner that is appropriate. Please do not jump on, lick, kiss, inappropriately touch, yell, scream, or (during interview) use crude language.
g. Remember the bands will be working to prepare for the concerts and will be watching the concerts themselves. Though they are more than happy to interact with the winner and the guest, it is at their discretion. Failure to meet any one member of any band will not constitute a breach in the terms of the auction. All band members will make an effort to meet each winner and guest but as there are around 20 musicians and a limited amount of time, it may not always be possible. Please do not track down any member of any band in order to meet them or to express disappointment at not meeting them. ASCC Now will ensure that the winner and guest receive the opportunity to meet and talk to every member of every band if possible.
Pictures of 100 Monkeys of course by Phoenix Taylor

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Olympic Australian Ice Dancer a Twilight fan?

This is a total stretch, but the Australian Ice Dancer Cheltzie Lee is dancing tonight to Muse. Well technically, it's the Michael Buble version of "Feeling Good". And yes technically it's a song from a musical, and was written in 1965. And Muse is not the first band to cover it. But to me, it's a Muse song, and they do it the best! So yes it's a real stretch that this song means anything Twilight related, but since Muse and Twilight are so connected to me, hearing this song just makes me assume that Cheltzie Lee is a fan as well.

And Thankfully my husband loves Twilight and Muse with me, because as we were watching tonight, he yells at me to come listen to her song choice, because he already caught that it was both VSQ and Muse

This is the musical form of the song by Michael Buble

This is the 2009 version of her short program. She is dancing tonight on the Olympics to the same song, and I believe using the same program

Do you hear it too? Is it the same song? I know you can like Muse and not like Twilight, but Miss Cheltzie Lee of Australia IS 16 years old, so I can only assume! Have to say, it was a great program. This young lady only found out a few days ago that she was EVEN GOING to the Olympics, finding out less than 2 weeks ago.

On a side note, she scored a 52.16 score tonight for the short program, a personal best for her, so congrats girl!

Her coach Kylie Fennell said a Michael Buble instrumental, Feeling Good, would accompany Lee's short routine, in which she needs a top-24 finish out of 30 girls to continue.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Interview with Kristen after winning the Orange Rising Star Award

Kristen won the only public voted award at the BAFTA awards in the UK and this interview was taken
right after. She seems super appreciative of US

Do I detect a smile? And the mullet is growing out quite nicely. As always, Kristen has some great fashion

Kristen also accepting the award- more super praise for Twilight fans and she seems quite shocked to win- tells the other actors that she values them as well

For more random goodness, just for Melissa, here is Rob presenting at the BAFTA's. Video not as good quality

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Eclipse trailer to show before Remember Me!!!!!!!

Summit finally tweets that we will be getting a trailer
eclipse Pictures, Images and Photos

They tweeted on their official Twitter that we'll be getting the trailer both online and at the movies on March 12

They say we've been guessing right all along and we just might get a version of it a few days earlier

Seeing a trailer does not break the purity pledge. I always said I'd watch trailer and possibly see some pics. Trailers were never off limit, so this may be the only footage I see until the movie!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Contents of the 3rd Target New Moon DVD

So if you are pondering which version (s) of the New Moon DVD you are going to buy, the release of this news might help. Target disclosed the contents of the 3rd disc in the 3 disc New Moon Special Edition

Target Exclusive 3rd Disc content includes: Deleted Scenes, Introducing the Volturi Featurette, Frame by Frame: From Storyboard to Screen Featurette, Fandamonium: A Look at the Die Hard Fans, and The Beat Goes On: The Music of New Moon Featurette. Exclusive Bonus Collectible Film Cell is an authentic reproduction of a cell from the filming of the Twilight Saga: New Moon contained within a beautiful glossy photo. Each is individually numbered with goal foil lettering and measures approximately 5X7. Film Cell included will be one of 250 available collectible cells.
So what have we learned?

**To get the deleted scenes we need the Target 3 disc Deluxe Edition
**To get the extended scenes we need to get the Borders Special Edition
**To get the Eclipse scene we need to get the Walmart Ultimate Fan Edition
**To get a digital copy we need to purchase from Itunes

I Still think the Borders version will be the prettiest, and the Target one will have the most behind the scenes and extra footage. So like last year, I"ll buy the Borders and Target versions. For the extra footage of Eclipse.. well I'm still attempting to maintain some level of Eclipse Virginity and WON'T be watching the footage

Eclipse Board Game Previews!!

Want to see a quick glimpse of the Eclipse Board game?

They are going to package the 3 games together (hopefully with a 4th if they EVER announce the Breaking Dawn movie)


Monday, February 15, 2010

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Amazing Fan Art for Twilight

So instead of doing the typical Valentines' Day cards, I figured I"d show other forms of dedications of love in the form of spectacular fan art. Each picture will be a link, so if you want to see more by the artist, or to go comment and give credit to these amazing people, please please feel free!

Clicking each of these also makes them full screen

Check out the love:

This one is drawn with mechanical pencil, and I have to believe an ounce of fairy dust, cause it's unreal how "real" this picture looks

The original Jacob Black

Notice the red mane on the Lion


I just LOVE this one and love the character detail in the background

Some Love for New Moon

You can see Edward if you look hard



And then the form of Twilight Fan Love, the art of the Twilight Tattoo



Twilight Tattoo Pictures, Images and Photos

Twilight Tattoo Pictures, Images and Photos

twilight tattoo Pictures, Images and Photos
Twilight tattoo Pictures, Images and Photos

Umm....? My husband leaned over and said "Someone got Elvis tattooed on their back
Fan Tattoo Pictures, Images and Photos

my twilight tattoo Pictures, Images and Photos

Twilight tattoo Pictures, Images and Photos

Twilight Tattoo Pictures, Images and Photos

Fan Wolfpack Tattoo Pictures, Images and Photos

twilight tattoo Pictures, Images and Photos

Red Cullen Crest Pictures, Images and Photos

my tattoo Pictures, Images and PhotosTwilight Tattoo Pictures, Images and Photos

Twilight tattoo on my back Pictures, Images and Photos


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