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Hot Topic BookMarks


Again, just on more UPGRADE!

Edward here And Jacob here

New Moon Shirts at Nordstroms ready for sale Oct 1st online

You can start buying the New Moon inspired shirts tomorrow, Oct 1st online at Nordstroms. Shirts won't be available in stores until Oct 15


Also another shirt previewed. Just as I feared, more skinny infant size shirts and see through material that will probably run around $50. Notice in the picture above that the shirts are layered because they are so see-through. I'm guessing they also had to photo-shop out the bra's showing in these model pictures below

nordstroms new moon shirt




Exclusive new T-shirt designs available only at BP. Nordstrom. Order yours online October 1, or get them in store October 15!

For more fashion and exclusive videos featuring the stars of Twilight, visit

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New Moon Sweethearts

Sweethearts posted this on Facebook today, a little sneak peak of the New Moon specific candy . Picture is a little more high def. Whats with the INTENSE surge of heat? I don't want Jacob's candy to like make my mouth burn or something! The intense wave of Plus his sparkle and Jacob's don't, which is a nice touch and the sayings on the hearts are correct and specific. Just odd that they are so specific yet they use the theme meant for Eclipse...


More Reelz Channel and the real Quileute Creation Story

Chills! The true Quileute Nation Creation story told on First Beach. Discusses the legend of how the Quileute tribe descended from Wolves, shows plenty of historical pictures, very cool!

One more official New Moon Poster


Preview of Hot Topic New Moon Merch hitting Oct 1st

You can preview it here



Looks like TONS of Bella's running around in that green dress for Halloween!

New Moon Posters-The Next Chapter Begins!

Twilight Moonlighter posted these brand new stills (Official one's it seems) from Yahoo Movies. 33 total pics on Yahoo movies if you want to take a look. I LOVE the tagline, The Next Chapter begins!
These were posted with plenty that we've already seen as promo pics released from Summitt




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Dr Cullen gave me a sleeping disorder

LOVE IT! What the Forks posted this hilarious classified ad found (for real) in the ForksForum


Read the Forks Forum

bwahahh Angela, Warning! Dr Cullen might keep you up at night

le Pictures, Images and Photos

peter facinelli Pictures, Images and Photos

Dr. Carlisle Cullen Pictures, Images and Photos


Ok the idea of a fake blood drink, especially in the guise of an energy drink, isn't that gross. Its the idea that it has the same CONSISTENCY as blood that makes me just UGH

Blood Energy Potion: the world’s first synthetic blood beverage. The fruit punch flavor packs 4 hours of energy along with iron, protein, and electrolytes. Not only does Blood Energy Potion have a similar nutritional makeup to real blood, but it has the same color, look, and consistency of blood. Get real blood nutrients without that real blood taste! The re-sealable transfusion bag style pouch provides the convenient delivery of fluids for vampires and humans alike! Contains no real blood, just synthetic!

Good prop though if you want an edible blood substance for plays or for events like Halloween I guess. Cool concept and the packaging is genius. It doesn't ship until 2010 though


You can order it here

Another New Moon Song released- Anya Marina Satellite Heart

Another song has been released, this time on Anya Marina's myspace page

anya marina

So pretty, so smart
Such a waste of a young heart!
What a pity, what a sham,
What’s the matter with you, man?

Don’t you see it’s wrong, can’t you get it right?
Out of mind and outta sight.
Call on all your girls, don’t forget the boys,
Put a lid on all that noise!

I’m a satellite heart, lost in the dark.
I’m spun out so far, you stop, I start,
But I’ll be true to you.

I hear you’re living out of state,
Running in a whole new scene.
They say i haven’t slept in weeks,
You’re the only thing I see.

I’m a satellite heart, lost in the dark,
I’m spun out so far, you stop, I start,
But I’ll be true to you.

I’m a satellite heart, lost in the dark,
I’m spun out so far, you stop I start.
But I’ll be true to you no matter what you do,
Yeah I’ll be true to you.

The examiner reports

It is scheduled, according to Marina's blog, to be at number six on the album and will be available for download on iTunes tomorrow!

Thoughts? Honestly, it's not one I'd ever listen to outside the soundtrack. I keep waiting on it to either pick up a little bit, even in deep dark melody, or to get just slower and darker. It doesn't carry alot of emotion for me. Guess I will have to see where it will be in the movie. I can see it being used in her deep dark periods, as the calendar pages rip off, showing the months? Or a song from Jacob

Tinsel Korey interview

Tinsel Korey was interviewed in Vancouver for another movie she filmed and they discussed her role in Eclipse and New Moon. They pretty much open with New Moon and discussion of Twilight, so its a pretty good interview (I love that she sits with her feet in the chair).

She talks about landing the role, preparing for the role and how the wolfpack are just as chaotic and need someone to keep them in line as they do in the movies. Very good interview and lots of good questions. She also gives more information about her visit to La Push and then the Makah Nation and discussed making sure that the real Quileute nation gets awareness and how hilarious it is that they had no idea they were featured in this book saga and states "buses of little blonde girls start pulling up and we are all thinking wow how strange. Then two buses came and then..."

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Reelz Channel Twilight Show

Does anyone else watch this? I watch it RELIGIOUSLY! I remember, well, you know, doing my typical Twilight reaction *screaming, when finding out that my dream of dreams of a Twilight show covering characters, places, sets and so on, yet not a completely ridiculous remake of the concept of Twilight butchering the characters and the plot line and everything magical within the books //cough cough Vampire Diaries ugh//

So Reelz Channel has covered Twicon (WHOOO), The movie sets, an entire 30 min segment on PFach, Forks and now next week, La Push. And confession time/Jasper's magical emotion manipulation makes me admit that I love the Quileute wolves and La Push and the legends and blah blah. Stupid TheWolfMan for making me re-read and attempt to appreciate Jacob. Bah. And stupid Quileute speaker at Twicon for making me like the Quileutes even more. And stupid Tinsel Korey for making me LOVE her and her appreciation of the real Quileute and Makah people and essentially becoming my favorite member of the wolf family evah.

This also means I now have to let the dog out of the bag and confess that I adore the wolves, the Quileutes, the true Quileute nation, La Push, the rich Native American heritage, the legends, and the entire kitnkaboodle. A year ago, I hated Jacob and all the wolves and visting La Push plus my husband pushing the wolves on me daily totally changed my view and made me wake up and realize
A. Its just a book series. Sorry. It is, its not real as much as I want to make it real!
2. The Quileutes are real whereas Forks Vampires are not. Sorry. And my husband had a good point when he said that. At least he gets to be all into something that's REAL whereas mine is just written Vamps that don't exists
G. The Quileute nation has very few people that speak the native language now and have lost some of their written history. I hope beyond hope that the fame of these movies totally changes that for them
The Quileute Language

With native languages around the world being lost at an alarming rate, preserving the Quileute language has been an important mission. The excerpt below, from the Second Edition of the Quileute Dictionary, describes the tribe's effort to not only save the language, but reinvigorate it:

"[In 2007], the Tribal Council set up a two-year Quileute Revitilization Project with the goal of encouraging the use of Quileute words and phrases in everyday village life. A basic vocabulary of greetings, questions, numbers, names of things, and "one-linders" in Quileute were made available to tribal members and staff through informal classes, email and computer CDs."

Here is their website to read more

More about the Reelz Channel covering of La Push and the Quileute nation. Tinsel Korey will also be on this episode so you KNOW I'm tuning in! She has completely won over my respect, I have to tell you.
REELZCHANNEL – TV About Movies® today announced that the Quileute Nation has granted permission to the show “Twilight Weekly: Spotlight” to gather footage and imagery within tribal lands. This unprecedented access is the first-ever for a television network and was granted to REELZCHANNEL in recognition of the network’s commitment to authenticity and the opportunity to educate those who have taken an interest in the Quileute Nation from their exposure to the culture through the Twilight saga of books and movies.
“The ‘Twilight phenomenon’ gives the Quileute Nation the opportunity to educate the world about their true history, traditions, culture and creation story,” said Quileute spokesperson Jackie Jacobs. “It was very important to this Nation to partner with an organization that we felt understood that the non-fictional Quileute story is more complex, multi-dimensional and sacred than [the one] everyone has been exposed to. We have been inundated with requests from various outlets to tell the story but felt that REELZCHANNEL embodied the authentic direction we wanted to explore while keeping it fun and interesting for the fans.”
This episode captures the sweeping landscapes of the tribal lands, giving viewers an exclusive look at the locations recreated for the film including the beach where Jacob tells Bella about the Cullen vampire legend, the cliffs that Bella leaps from to draw Edward back to her, and the school that Jacob attended as described in the “New Moon” book. Viewers are then transported to the celebrations of the culture through intimate ceremonies of the drum circle and tribal dances. The sights of the Quileute Nation come to life in the voices of its people in interviews with tribal elder and storyteller Chris Morganroth III and Roy Black known to the tribe as “Jacob’s Grandfather.” Actress Tinsel Korey, who portrays the character of Emily in the films, also shares her experience.

Reelz Channel site for Twilight

TheWolfMan and the Quileute speaker


Hm this inspires me to do an entire piece on La Push

Special Fan/Cast Event set for Nov 16

Gossip Cop is reporting that a special fan event is being planned BEFORE the premiere, Nov 16, in the UK for fans. London doesn't get the premiere, but the fan/cast special event goes to the Uk

This morning reports surfaced that, while “New Moon” would have its world premiere in Los Angeles and NOT the UK (as Gossip Cop confirmed already), E1 Entertainment was in the process of organizing a special event for fans in the UK on November 11 – “with the cast.”

Gossip Cop has confirmed today with a source close to the production that a special fan event IS being planned in the United Kingdom ahead of the official U.S./world premiere on November 16. Details – including which cast members would be in attendance – are still materializing.

As always, we’ll keep you updated as soon as we have information. For fast and accurate reporting, make sure to follow us on Twitter – @GossipCop.


Twilight is making us fat? New Moon Conversation Hearts available at Borders

Well to be correct, its New Moon attempting to make us fat. More New Moon Candy came out recently a continuation of the candy hearts we all bought and spit out but still kept because it had Twilight faces on it (this was during more of a drought of Twilight merchandise).

New Moon peeps stepped it up from Twilight in just yet another UPGRADE in the saga (except the hobbittsey feet hair on Jackson's head). These chocolate candies are pretty similar to a Cadbury Egg and I found mine at the Dollar store.



Not only can you buy the chocolates, you can buy an entire BAG of them, handy when sitting in 4 hours lines waiting on the movie to open in November.

Now at Twicon a few months ago, they had Fire and Ice boxes of New Moon Candy, so I'm not sure if that will still come to fruition. Alot of rumbling that its a little wierd to do the fire and ice thing when its very much the theme of Eclipse

So far readers have found assortments of these, mainly the chocolates at Walgreens, Borders, The Dollar Store, Dollar Tree

Picture Credits to and

Another Tinsel

Another picture of Tinsel in La Push. I'm seriously loving her! Just another picture of her being cool, embracing her role as Emily and touring La Push


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Still not as bad as Hobbit Hair!

Twicrackaddict posted this so total credit to Lorabell for making me giggle tonight

This is from a scene filmed for Criminal Minds in which he has DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder, previously known as Split Personality or Multiple Personality. Sorry, I'm a therapist, I have to make it correct when it comes to diagnoses)


STILL BETTER THAN HOBBITSEY HAIR. yeah? its a real life hobbit. And your wig looks just like it. reddish hair hobbit Pictures, Images and Photos

No No. The hobbits hair looks better. No really, the hobbit hair resembles your real life hair, which I really like, so I might have to find a new saying. That wig isn't even as GOOD as hobbit hair. OK I figured it out. Your hair looks like HOBBIT FEET

hobbit feef Pictures, Images and Photos

I rather adore J's real hair
against the wall Pictures, Images and Photos

New Moon Wig department, I know FULLY well that Summitt is throwing buckets of money at the Twilight money wagon and I know fully well that you have capabilities to find better wigs. J, lets talk. You can literally charm the devil into returning to heaven to be the right hand henchman to Michael and the rest of the archangels. Really. All of fandom knows it, and you know it too.

Lets not cause nightmares, let's remember the good days shall we J?

NM- Jasper Before/After Pictures, Images and Photos

jasper Pictures, Images and Photos


God did I digress again? Sorry J, its not your fault. I gotta say, Sokka is going to rock my face off, so I can deal with requiring the wig.

I will take Jacqueline's wig over Hobbit Head wig. Actually, I think Eclipse Bella could have benefited from the criminal minds wig.

Rob Learns to drive the Cullen Minivan of Hotness

I KNEEEEW IT!! Someone out there owes me $10 I think. Totally owes me. Remember that post I made earlier, all about knowing they had to teach Rob to drive, just like teaching him to run, to basically do anything physical besides sitting. Well, here's some proof.

I wonder how just flabbergasted the crew must have been this morning:

"Gather around everyone. Here are your assignments. Joe, you'll be doing lighting, Bob, you are running grip, Sandy you'll be in a bright yellow vest directing traffic, Gary, you'll be running traffic assistance"

"Whoa whoa, directing traffic?"

"Um yes, we'll need to teach Robert Pattinson how to park a car today. You'll need to be in a bright yellow vest, because we understand he knows next to nothing about machinery and he just might run over you. Only because it will make Kristen giggle of course and he loves making her laugh"

"Teach him to drive you mean. Any idiot can park a car".

"Nope. Just to back the car, you know, backwards, in a massive open parking lot, just a few feet"

"Like parallel parking right, something pretty complex? Because teaching parallel parking would require a bright yellow construction vest"

"Nope Sandy. Just teaching him how to reverse. Just reverse".

[[internal thoughts of Sandy]] Should we really be letting him learn how to reverse near a playground? Small children could die. Maybe we should put them in yellow vests too...


The good news is that Rob did not have to run over and kill any crew members just to get Kristen to laugh. I think the sheer fact that she was forced to sit in a car as Rob learned to REVERSE was hilarious enough.

"Do I turn this way when moving backwards"?

No, Maybe this way


What is this button? Don't touch that button sir. Don't do it

Kstew has broken into utter "giggle" cause I think that's the only level of laughter and amusement she can actually reach. No real full laughter, just giggle.

Yes dear readers, I know plenty of people grow up in an area where they never drive, never have a need to drive, and dear God, he grew up driving on the opposite side of the road. Learning to drive American style does not make me chuckle, nor would learning to parallel park. But I think just about anybody could figure out that reverse means reverse. I dont think we REALLY need to worry that much about seeing Edward Cullen reverse on screen so I dont eve know the point of teaching this anyways, or KEEPING Kristen in the car while it happens. Maybe she thought it would brighten her day.

Watch this gif-- its not exactly a straight line he's backing there. Maybe he's sipping on the same tipsy juice he had before the VMA's

Go to Twilight-gossip to see even more

Cool New Screenshot of Taylor and his Dreamcatcher

From a Chilean version of the New Moon Site


Details of Tinsel Korey's trip to visit the Quileute Nation

Tinsel Korey, who plays Emily in the Twilight Saga, recently spent some time in Washington, specifically in La Push, on the Quileute Reservation and did more than sightseeing. She made an effort to learn more about the history of the character she's playing in the movies, and spent time with Quileute youth, explaining the craft of acting. The Examiner has detailed in multiple articles here and here about Tinsel's time in Washington visiting both La Push and the Makah reservation. Remember that Emily's character is Makah so I found it so COOL that Tinsel took the time to visit that area as well.
Tinsel Korey working with the children at the local school in La Push

The Quileute Tribe featured in Stephenie Meyer’s “Twilight Saga: New Moon” welcomes actress Tinsel Korey to La Push September 8th. Tinsel is conducting acting workshops at the Tribal School for ages 4-25. “In true native tradition, she is doing what our ancestors & elders have taught us to do for centuries” states Chairwoman Carol Hatch, “Tinsel is giving back and sharing her gifts and talents with our Native youth.”

“We are thrilled to host the 2nd Actor from the Twilight Saga to visit La Push”, states Jackie Jacobs, Quileute Tribal Publicist. “Solomon Trimble visited the Quileute Nation in July during the Quileute Days Celebration and now to share the shores of First Beach with Tinsel Korey is quite a treat. I am humbled by Tinsel Korey’s generosity and graciousness. I am confident Tinsel’s contributions will have a lasting impression on our youth, but I am just as certain that the hospitality of this beautiful nation and beauty and magic that is La Push, will have a lasting impact on her as well”.

Tinsel will make an appearance on First Beach with Quileute Storyteller Chris Morganroth, September 12th and will be available for an autograph session at the conclusion of the storytelling event.

Soon after her visit, which resulted in Quileute publicist Jackie Jacobs saying that she is welcome back any time, she performed a benefit concert for the Quileute Youth in Seattle, Washington.

Korey also came to speak with Makah Nation in Neah Bay as well as to join Quileute elder Chris Morganroth at First Beach during Stephenie Meyer weekend, which was highlighted in a recent New York Times article.

RezNet, an online reporting source who cover Native American stories also had this to say:
LA PUSH, Wash.—Tinsel Korey, who portrays Emily in "The Twilight Saga: New Moon," spent a week on the Quileute Nation here, teaching acting classes at the K-12 Tribal School.

Korey also helped to raise funds for the school with an appearance on First Beach with Quileute elder Chris Morganroth.

"In true Native tradition, she is doing what our ancestors and elders have taught us to do for centuries," Quileute Chairwoman Carol Hatch said. "Tinsel is giving back and sharing her gifts and talents with our Native youth."

Quileute Tribal School principal Al Zantua was quoted by the Peninsula Daily News as saying in a prepared statement: "I think it is fantastic for her to reach out to the kids. After reaching that level of notoriety, it is inspiring and remarkable. Our kids are pretty excited."

The character Emily is actually from the Makah tribe, so Korey also traveled to Neah Bay to speak with the youth and elders of the Makah Nation. Tinsel was welcomed by the Makah with an honoring ceremony and given a flag to their nation.

Korey was scheduled to leave the Quileute Nation Tuesday to begin filming "The Twilight Saga: Eclipse" in Vancouver.

"Tinsel now knows were Emily and the ‘Wolf Boys' live and has walked the shores of First Beach," said Quileute publicist Jackie Jacobs. "She can take that spiritual energy with her to the set (of ‘Eclipse').

"Tinsel is bringing awareness to the real Quileute and Makah nations," Jacobs added. "That is very honorable, generous and respectful. She is always welcome to come back anytime."

Jackie Jacobs is the publicist for the Quileute Nation in La Push, Wash.


Tinsel on First Beach

I'll also repost the video of Tinsel singing "Never Think" while sitting on First Beach. The song was covered by Robert Pattinson on the Twilight


Edward and Bella driving the Cullen Minivan of Hotness

Some Eclipse filming pictures of Eddie driving Bella around town in his mom car of greatness. Twifans posted these pics, so to see them all, click here!

Bet you 10 bucks, despite the fact that Rob has a car, he had to learn how to drive this. Just like he had to learn how to RUN. You'd think basic skills like running wouldn't require a trainer. Oh you lovable dork

See the confusion all over his face? How do I STEER this thing? Kstew's all "god you are hot but dumb"


Angela, this doesn't have any Doc Cullen in it, so is Chief Swan good enough?


See this picture. Kristen is begging these bystanders to save her from Rob's driving. I just know it.
c C

New Moon game comes in "Scene It" Version as well as Wii and Nintendo DS

Diversify, Diversify! Last year we got cheap cardboard, many incorrect questions, super confusing rules about game play and no reference to Twilight BOOK knowledge. This year, just as with the change in movie director/budget, we get an upgrade!

The DVD board game (pictured) is slated for ages 14 and up, will cost about $30 and will available at all major retailers (in fact, you can already pre-order the game on There was no news on how much the Wii or DS versions of the game will cost.

The Wii features will differ from those of the board game, which we discussed in our previous post. The Wii Scene It? version will contain over 500 multiple choice questions based on movie clips, music and audio (similar to how the board game works), but will have a new user interface. According to the press release, “the new Scene It? Twilight Wii version presents a new look and feel, giving fans a great reason to play both the Wii and the DVD boardgame versions.” We’re not sure what that could be, but we’re hoping its somewhere along the lines of different version of Edward shirtless and maybe the possibility of us virtually simulating the touching of his abs.

Scene It? Twilight for the Wii will incorporate the use of the Wiimote to buzz in, instead of the controllers the board game comes with. There will also be two new gameplay modes: single and multiplayer (you're already planning a firls sleepover now aren't you?) and new scoring systems.

Though there was no news on how the DS game will differ from either of the other formats (six months is still pretty far away), we’re assuming — like most Wii to DS games — its look and functionality will remain similar. So there you go, “Twilight” fans. Edward and Bella are coming to Nintendo products near you, and now you have a new reason to buy a Wii and DS.

Konami released these tidbits about their versions of the games

Up first for TWILIGHT fans is Scene It? Twilight Deluxe Edition, the immersive DVD trivia boardgame filled with exciting new features including:
• TWILIGHT content: On-screen puzzles, movie clips, sound bytes, music and trivia questions pulled directly from the very successful first TWILIGHT film.
• All-new puzzle types: Puzzles including "Alice's Vision" and "Locker Picks," sure to satisfy both Team Edward and Team Jacob fans around the world.
• Bonus features and activities: Bonus activities like "Which Cullen are You?", and an exclusive downloadable bonus feature for hardcore fans, which provides all the planning elements for hosting the ideal TWILIGHT-themed party.

few weeks later, for the first time on Wii, fans will put their knowledge to the test to determine who will be the ultimate TWILIGHT expert. Scene It? Twilight will challenge Wii players' powers of observation, memory and puzzle solving, as it transports them to Forks, WA and creates an interactive multiplayer trivia experience brought together seamlessly on Wii. Fans can learn more about Bella Swan, TWILIGHT's heroine or test their memories on Edward Cullen, the dark and unlikely love of Bella's life.

Scene It? Twilight for Wii features will include:
• Rich-media trivia content: Over 500 multiple choice questions based on movie clips, music and audio from the TWILIGHT movie.
• New user interface: The new Scene It? Twilight Wii version presents a new look and feel, giving fans a great reason to play both the Wii and the DVD boardgame versions.
• Motion functionality: Use your Wii Remote to buzz in and beat your opponent!
• New gameplay modes: Single and multi-player modes and new scoring systems keep the game close, exciting and challenging enough to please all TWILIGHT fans.

"Konami is always looking to engage people in new means of interactive gaming experiences. The TWILIGHT film has an incredibly popular following who crave content and new media well after the movies are no longer in theaters," said Kazumi Kitaue, Chairman and President of Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc. "With extensive content from the film, Scene It? Twilight will bring life to the excitement and energy surrounding the popular film in an all-new way."

"Konami's partnering with Summit and Screenlife creates a union of three great and dynamic brands," added Careen Yapp, Vice President of Licensing and Business Development of Konami Digital Entertainment Inc. "Scene It? Twilight is the perfect expansion of the TWILIGHT film, as it will be the first time fans will be able to directly interact and challenge each other within the TWILIGHT universe on Wii."

Scene It? Twilight players will be completely submerged into the TWILIGHT universe as they interact with some of the most iconic locations, characters and scenes from the first film. Fans will put their knowledge to the test to determine who the ultimate TWILIGHT expert is!

Scene It? Twilight Deluxe Edition DVD Boardgame Includes:
• Game DVD with Party Play Feature
• Flextime® Game Board
• 4 Collectible Metal Tokens
• 100 Trivia Cards
• 16 Fate Cards
• 1 Six-Sided Die
• 1 Eight-Sided Die
• Instruction Sheet

The Scene It? Twilight DVD Boardgame MSRP is $29.99, is for 2 or more players ages 14 and up, and will be available at major retailers nationwide.

Scene It? Twilight for Wii is planned for release in Fall 2009. Scene It? Twilight for the Nintendo DS will be available early 2010. For more information on the video game, please visit:

Some pics

I haven't seen this picture anywhere else yet, so this is the package shot for the Wii game


The whole package for Scene it

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