Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Fun Easter Eggs and hidden things in New Moon, Updated

Some of these are pure speculation. and honestly, I'd never have caught most of these if my husband, TheWolfMan hadn't pointed them out. What's an Easter Egg you say?
In movies, Easter Eggs are the little secret items/messages that are placed in the settings of the scenes. There were literally TONS of them in Twilight.. When Bella is searching the internet for book stores in Port Angeles, and Little, Brown(the publishers of the series) comes up as one of the results...Some are more obvious than others, while some are really like an inside joke that perhaps the Twilight Book lovers will understand, but the Twilight Movie watchers wouldn't get (until they finally break down and READ the books)...

One of my fave little easter eggs in Twilight is when she searches ""Cold Ones" and Quileute legends, the actual site she clicks is "freezerstorage.ds"

FREEZER STORAGE for a link about cold ones? hilarious!!!

My dh caught the Burger King and also pointed out that Jacob is EATING it, and has a burger in his hand

Did anyone catch Jared  passing Embry $5? If you stare at Paul like I do, you'll miss it, but if you look behind them, he hands over his portion of the bet to Embry

My husband also swears that when Dr Fang (his words) puts the gauze in a bowl to burn it, it's shaped like an abstract heart. I call BS on this one, but I'll post it in case

Sam's tattoo is more faded than the other guys (which I thought was super attention to detail as he has been a wolf longer)

ust cool to see the ground shakes when the wolves run as it's supposed to

Charlie saying AGAIN to Bella as he did in Twilight, in the same voice and everything, after she says "Be careful" and he goes "always am"

Not an official easter egg, but Tyler is missing in this movie

They got the name of the bar in Port Angeles, One Eyed Petes, correct

There is a Quileute Butterfly on the fridge at Emily's

Jessica says really quickly during Port Angeles "I mean I've got things going on too, Mike says he just wants to be friends". Never would have caught that the first time

The passage being played on the TV in class by Mr Birdie in the R&J scene is the line Edward actually says to Bella in Volterra in the book. (death that hath sucked the honey of thy breath...)

When Bella and Jake are talking right before the almost kiss and phone call, you can see an apple in the windowsill behind Bella

In the scene with the months post breakup, notice pictures on the wall to the right. They slowly go missing, one by one, till they are all gone

Edward is in Rio De Janiero when he calls to talk to Charlie (this is correct and confirmed in the books)

You should probably have already seen this from still shots, but a Quileute wolf hangs off of the dream catcher

Edward never ever changes his clothes after leaving Bella. This was put in the Illustrated Companion, but when he goes to the Volturi, it's the same clothes he had on months before

Jasper's eyes are golden at the party, then black right before he attacks Bella. Um, it doesn't work that way

A movie poster for "love spelled backwards is love" is at the theater

A movie poster for "Face Punch" is outside as Mike and Jake talk

A movie poster for Gambling, Gods, and LSD is on the wall at the theater.. thats just odd!

The biggest, most unanswered easter egg is Jacob speaking Quileute. Don't believe
google or what the masses tell you, we still DON'T know what he really says

A few things they get wrong

I won't even mention the car. I don't care what the stock color says, its BLACK

Edward's eyes are black in Volterra in the book, yet gold in the movie. This is totally wrong in the movie especially considering the huge bruises going on under his eyes

Jane would never voice what her power is.. she'd never say "pain". It's still creepy

If you know of ANY, please please post them in the comments!!!

One update to add from a commenter. Have to go look for this one!

caninecologne said...
OMFG! You are so awesome for posting this! I love it! Details fascinate me! here's one - during the scene where bella and jacob are walking on the beach in NM, you can see something jumping in the water, maybe it was a whale or something. i didn't notice it the first time i saw the movie, then i read someone's comment on one of the fan blogs - saw NM 2 more times, and yes, you can see something there....


  1. OMFG! You are so awesome for posting this! I love it! Details fascinate me!

    here's one - during the scene where bella and jacob are walking on the beach in NM, you can see something jumping in the water, maybe it was a whale or something. i didn't notice it the first time i saw the movie, then i read someone's comment on one of the fan blogs - saw NM 2 more times, and yes, you can see something there....

  2. OOH!!! Interesting!!!! Now, I just have one more reason to see it

    I'm going to add your comment in the above post

  3. hi lauren
    here's a few more - when bella wakes up from her dream, look at the Romeo & Juliet book cover...it's got a man and woman about to kiss, a clock tower and red hooded figures.

    also, when bella and alice fly over to Volterra, they are on "Virgin Airlines. Yes, interesting use of product placement, but that was pretty hilarious.

  4. I love the Virgin Airlines thing, and someone just pointed out that technically Virgin Airlines doesn't fly to that area! So TOTAL product placement

    I still have to look for the thing leaping in the water and the man and the woman now

  5. hi lauren
    i think it may be a whale...not sure if it was intentional or just a random thing, but it looks pretty cool.

    re: music in new moon - although this is not part of the soundtrack, i like putting the trailer music on my compilations. don't forget, 'moving mountains' by two steps from hell. you can get it from limewire.

  6. I was looking for a homage to the book cover (like the apple scene from the Twilight movie) and after seeing the movie twice, I think it may be the removal of shards scene (when Carlisle removes the pieces from Bella's arm and puts them in the bowl). There was a totally unnecessary shot of the contents of the bowl (blood and gauze) - which kind of took the shape of the flower from the New Moon cover. Did anyone else notice this?

  7. heyy these facts are cool but i have more officially from chris weitz

    1. in wolf-fight they purposfully knocked over the camera when the wolves tumble down the hill towards it; you can also hear the mircophone thumping as if an actual on-set animal had ran into the camera.

    2.when they made jake's and emily's house they actually talked to the quileute executive council in la push for some idea's. A young quileute girl gave them a drum that she had made, which is a quileute tradition, and they put it at the enterance of emilys house and is seen when bella first enters. Also the high pitched 'call' jared and paul doas the hop out of bella's truck outside emily's house is what quileute kids do

    3.The moon phasing backwards at the begginning is CORRECT! they actually asked the experts and they told the directors that other films had got it wrong.

    4. Aro says 'La tua Cantante' refurring to bella's being edwards 'singer' her blood calls out much stronger to edward than anyone else . Later on bella talks to aro about him not knowing anything about edwards soul. he replys 'Fore..ne il vostro l'uno o altro' - 'perhaps .. nor yours either'

    :D thats officially from the twilight tracker app, so feel privillidged :)

    i also noticed the blood and gauze part shaped as a heart and the $5 passsing over :L

    if i find any more i will tell you

    i <3 rob xx

  8. i noticed the heart with the blood and guaze too, and the 2nd time i watched it, i also noticed the 5 bucks and the romeo and juliet book lol....thanks for the info though thats pretty interesting....

  9. When Carlisle burns the gause, it looks like the new moon flower on the cover. In Twilight, when Edward caught the apple for Bella, it was an immitation of the Twilight Cover.


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